Container maritime transport to South America

We are specialists on maritime container shipments from Europe to South America. We can provide you with the best logistic options to meet your needs and expectations


What is container maritime transport?

At DEX we offer container transport as a service, specifically container maritime transport services. The containers that are used in these types of transport are useful to transport all kinds of products.

Commonly, containers are used to transport goods on pallets or other heavy materials, as the purpose of these containers is to protect the merchandise from any problem or damage that it can suffer during the transport.

Container maritime transport service involves the transportation of various types of goods such as dry or refrigerated foods, industrial materials, textiles or some vehicles.

Types of containers for maritime transport

There are different types of containers depending on the type of cargo being transported. These are the most commonly used:

Refrigerated Containers

This type of container is normally used to transport perishable goods such as fresh foods

Dry Containers

Used for dry cargo, and there are different sizes depending on the client needs.

Tank Containers

This type of container is suitable for transporting dangerous and hazardous goods like chemicals.

specialized IN maritime transport

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Benefits of choosing DEX for your Roll-On / Roll-Off transports


We are very experienced with this type of transport in the industry. We can provide to our customers the best service on Roll-On / Roll-Off cargo transport thanks to the knowledge that we acquired in these years.


We have one of the most technologically advanced fleets of Roll-On /  Roll-Off vessels. Our up to date technologies will guarantee the integrity and safety for your shipments to South America.


We understand that each client has different needs. That’s why we provide a personalized service for each client, to ensure that you as a client have all the facilities that we can provide.

Why to trust on DEX for your container maritime transports?

Currently we are one of the best companies in the world for container maritime transport. Therefore DEX can be your ideal and trustworthy partner for carrying out all your maritime transports to South America. We ensure to provide all our clients a quality service to exceed all the expectations.


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