Ocean shipping company to South America

We offer solutions to achieve the best possible ocean shipping of goods and cargo to South America. At DEX, we ensure that your shipment arrives in the best conditions and on time

ocean shipping

What is an Ocean Shipping company?

An ocean shipping company is a company that is specialized in transporting cargo and goods via ocean and sea routes, and this is what we do at DEX.

As an ocean shipping company we operate with containers, flatracks, vessels, to transport cargo and goods to South America from Europe.

Key points of choosing DEX for sea cargo freight and ocean shipping to South America

Extensive Ocean Shipping Service

We have many ocean shipping routes to ensure that all the destinations of our clients are available. Also your cargo freight is handled with care and precision all the journey to ensure there’s any issue

Sea Cargo Experience

Whether you need or require ocean shipping, sea cargo charter or sea cargo freight, we offer tailored solutions to meet all your specific needs and requirements

Specialized on marine cargo transport

We excel in marine cargo transport. We have modern vessels and the most technologically advanced fleet to ensure and guarantee the safety and security of the shipping during the journey

Why choose DEX for ocean shipping

You can choose DEX for your ocean shipping thanks to our experience and efficiency. We are here to make the journey of your cargo across the ocean safe and sound. Your cargo is our commitment!


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