Maritime transport with flatrack containers to South America

 If you need to ship flatrack containers to South America by sea, we can assist you with our customized solution and services


What is maritime transport via flatrack containers?

At DEX, one of the services that we are offering is flatrack container transport to South America.

A flatrack container is a type of container designed to facilitate the transportation of heavy loads, in our case for maritime transport. A flatrack container is made of steel plates, it has no walls and roof on its structure to ease the transportation of heavy loads.

Generally, a flatrack container has two different sizes: 20 feets, or 40 feets. The size only depends on the necessities that the customer has.

Benefits of choosing DEX for your shipments via flatrack containers


We have a wide fleet of flatrack containers, equipped with the best and newest technology to meet the needs of our customers.

Shipping Options

We adapt our services to the needs of each customer, to provide a personalized and unique experience, because every shipment is different, so that’s why we tailor our services to meet our customer needs.


Ensure the safety of goods transported or shipped in our flatrack containers is one of our priorities at DEX. We ensure that all goods we ship meet all the safety measures to arrive correctly and in perfect conditions to their destination. Safety is our priority.

specialized IN flatracks

Choose DEX for your rolling cargo forwarding needs and experience a level of service that goes beyond expectations. Contact us today for reliable, secure, and efficient transportation solutions.

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Should I choose Flatrack containers or RoRo for my shipment?

The most suitable transportation will vary depending on the type of cargo you need to transport. We detail the differences between them so you can assess which would be optimal for your needs:


  • Flatrack containers: this type of container is used to transport oversized and large sized cargo that requires additional and extra support but doesn’t need a complete enclosure for proper shipping and handling.
  • RoRo transport: it´s the best option to transport heavy wheeled cargo like vehicles (all the types that we mentioned earlier), heavy machinery, and products that can roll onto the vessel. This is ideal for a quick and efficient loading and unloading.

If you still have doubts about what is the best option for your needs, we can provide you the help that you need to choose your perfect option.

Why trust DEX for your maritime shipments in flatrack containers?

DEX has many experience in maritime shipping using flatrack containers. Thanks to our dedication and the excellence of our services we can exceed the expectations of our customers, and we can offer the best personalized and unique service.

We provide many solutions that will drive your logistical needs towards success. Don’t hesitate to make your shipments to South America with DEX’s flatrack containers!


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